A Room Worthy of the Town

A Room Worthy of the Town
13th July 2020 Jubilee Hall

At the beginning of 1887, the people of every town and village across the country were putting their heads together to decide how best to commemorate the joyful occasion of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Aldeburgh was no exception and Amanda Davies’ book, A Room Worthy of the Town, chronicles Jubilee Hall’s story over the last 130 years.

Enjoy a unique step back in time as you read about the grand opening, the influence WWI had on the events held at Jubilee Hall, and how a young composer named Benjamin Britten moving to Aldeburgh in 1947 resulted in the town being never quite the same again!

Copies of this special book are available to purchase for £10 each, including postage and packing. You can order in a number of ways. Either:

  1. Send an email to manager@aldeburghjubileehall.co.uk with your name and the address the book should be sent to. We will then provide you with our bank details to make the payment to.
  2. Make payment via our Support Us page HERE (no Gift Aid will be eligible as this is not a donation) and email manager@aldeburghjubileehall.co.uk to advise you would like to receive a copy of the book.
  3. If you wish to pay by cheque please email manager@aldeburghjubileehall.co.uk in advance as the hall is currently closed and we will need to ensure the post is collected. Please provide your name, address and telephone number and the delivery address for the book to be sent.

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