Thanking Our Wonderful Supporters

Thanking Our Wonderful Supporters
24th April 2024 admin

Thanking Our Wonderful Supporters

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a reception for many of our incredible donors, supporters and volunteers whose presence and generosity are instrumental in advancing our work at Jubilee Hall. Their unwavering support enables us to continue to run the hall as a community space, to host top-quality entertainment, and give us the motivation and vitality we need to keep going. We are immensely grateful for their generosity and commitment to what we do, and we love being involved with them all in different ways.

In addition, for some time now, we have wanted to produce a short promotional film for Jubilee Hall. So, for the last few months we have been working with local production company Summer Isle Films and now have a finished product. The film may not be a Spielberg, Hollywood blockbuster, but we are really proud of it. We hope you enjoy this short glimpse of what Jubilee Hall means to us:

Furthermore, in September 2024, if all goes according to plan we will be starting some building works at the hall. A generous legacy from Dr Keith Coventry gave us a pleasant problem to have, and as a group of trustees we spent much of 2023 discussing among ourselves, and chatting to our users and audience about what changes they would like to see at the hall. What came out of that was the decision to refurbish and refresh our main entrance, foyer and bar area. At the moment, Jubilee Hall is a bit hidden. Our signage is poor, our main entrance is reasonably uninviting, our foyer is grey and drab, and our bar and servery area is small and congested. We have been working with KLH Architects and they have helped us design what we think is a transformative and contemporary new entrance and welcome area.

We are committed to this development project and believe that creating a welcoming space with a small hub for the bar/café, will make a significant difference to the Hall users and potential users. The more people who come here, the more we can do in terms of increasing our output, programming even more exciting artists, and continuing to use Jubilee Hall as a dedicated community space.

We’re a small organisation with a tiny team, and what we do simply wouldn’t be possible without them. Thank you one and all.

(Photo Credits: CWH Media)